Fish & Chips With a Side of Grease?

Fish & Chips Grease

We know that Fish & Chips are known for being a little greasy on occasion, but this well and truly takes the biscuit! Behold this astonishing sight: a takeaway box brimming with grease, painstakingly extracted from one of our beloved local fish and chip shops. Our equipment registered wet film thickness deposit readings exceeding a […]

Who knew grease could do that?!

Grease Stalactite

Grease Stalactites?? These are the (grease) stalactites in an exclusive London clubs kitchen extract system. They are what nature offers up as the perfect tinder! Infuriatingly- annoyingly – unbelievably – criminally this system has been being “cleaned” by a “reputable” company for years. Don’t take their word for it!!

Reconsider Your TR-19 Cleaning Frequency: Maximise Efficiency


In the fast-paced world of food service, maintaining cleanliness isn’t just about appearances—it’s about compliance and safety. Take a look at this staggering accumulation of grease built up over just three months from one of our bustling burger chain restaurants. With a rigorous 12-hour daily operation, it’s no surprise that grease production reaches such levels. […]

Man of the Month – January ’24

Man of the Month for January - Dan

 This month’s Man of the Month is….. Daniel Floyd A huge shoutout to our top guy of the month, Daniel Floyd! His work ethic is off the charts, making him the undisputed MVP of PdC. Congratulations on your £150 bonus! 💸💸💸 When he’s not goofing off in those skin-tight jeans or talking about how much […]

Curious about the Secrets Hidden in Your Favourite Takeaway Kitchen?

Need help resisting the urge to order a takeaway tonight? Of course, not all takeaways kitchens are like this. Especially after PdC have left the building. Ever wondered what secrets are hidden in your favourite takeaway kitchen? Our deep-cleaning services are an eye-opener, evoking both surprise and a touch of unease. Fear not, as we […]