Commercial Bathroom Extractor Fan Cleaning

Commercial Bathroom Extractor Fan Cleaning

Keep your bathroom extractor fan clean and free of debris and build up to remove grime and ensure quality bathroom hygiene and filtration. With any hard to reach area, it’s best left to the professionals. We use a range of specialised extraction devices, air jets and brushes designed for cleaning ducts. This allows us to completely remove the contamination from your bathroom extractor fan and disinfect where necessary, depending on the design and configuration of your bathroom extraction system.

Our bathroom extractor fan cleaning service adheres to the HVCA’s TR/19 best practice standard. On completion we provide full certification and reports for you to demonstrate to your insurers. With our certification and reports, you can trust that the job has been done right.

Thorough, hard graft and dedication. That’s what you can expect from us. Our approach to bathroom extract cleaning is no different to our other services. We aim to please and to see you beaming after we leave. Doing it once and doing it right. We ensure that our prices are fair and competitive, we’ll be your provider of choice for many years.

We use a range of technology to review your current extract system. With restricted and limited access we can use endoscopic cameras to peer inside your ducts. This is perfect for landlords of apartment blocks as the majority of the ductwork is within cavities of walls. We then assess your premises and use the correct solution to ensure that the job is done right, the first time.

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