Pre-Commission Cleaning

Meet BS EN 15780

When a new extract system is installed and high amounts of dust and debris is produced during building work, these materials can settle in the building extract systems. A significant proportion of this material can get through the filters and settle on the inside of the extract duct. Before construction handover, you’ll need to ensure this is cleaned out thoroughly to meet BS EN 15780 standards.

The level of cleanliness required depends on the Cleanliness Quality Class that has been adopted for the project and is applicable to the indoor environment. Rely on us to undertake our work with a professional attitude, skill, pride and confidence all while maintaining high levels of communication with you.

Our Pre-Commission Cleaning services meet BS EN 15780 standards and adhere to the detailed requirements for the cleanliness of modern ducted HVAC systems.

We can undertake a variety of surveys and complete the reporting you require to ensure construction handover cleanliness and compliance to standards. We want to be your go to partner for pre-commission cleaning, time and time again.

We follow industry best practice and use  PVT testing protocol to produce a measurement of the total impacted and loose dust and debris found in building ductwork.

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