Facilities Management

Facilities Management Organisations

With over 20 years experience, Pro-Duct Clean is widely regarded by household name clients as a leader in the field of ventilation and duct cleaning. Our staff are well trained and have gained in-depth knowledge and expertise, as well as an aptitude for working in difficult and confined environments.

Facilities Managers have multiple responsibilities and have to be aware of and comply with a wide range of rules, regulations and client imposed performance measures.

These challenges are exacerbated in multi-tenant, multi-site situations so dealing with a company like Pro-Duct Clean that can provide a one-stop shop for key H&S related services, consistently and across the whole of the UK is a major benefit.

Pro-Duct Clean also recognises the FM’s need for clear documentation and an audit trail and prides itself on providing detailed and helpful post clean reports.

  • We pride ourselves in providing a seamless service to your clients, through your own company identity if appropriate. We are geared up to take responsibility for keeping these higher-risk elements in order, and our attention to detail coupled with guarantees leaves you to focus on the areas where you can add the most value to your clients – and not get bogged down in the internal state of your ductwork.
  • We will take the pressure off you and reduce the risk of fires and infection for your clients while reducing your costs and providing you with more time to focus on your job.
  • More time to focus on your priorities – we will relieve as much of the administrative headache for you as we can.
  • Cost savings – we are confident that we will be less expensive than using in-house staff – after all, we have teams working 24×7 all year round
  • Our operatives are insured, accredited, and highly qualified. We clean to the highest standards –  those of the Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES).
  • Insured to £10 million and work to the highest professional and health and safety standards
  • You get clear documentation, a full audit trail and comprehensive post-clean reports.
  • Whether you are managing one site, or  multiple sites, our facilities management services can be adapted to work the way that you need 

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