ESP Maintenance

Electrostatic Precipitator Cell Maintenance

Electrostatic precipitator cell maintenance is an important procedure resulting in long life and maximum overall high efficiency for ESP cells and your overall extract system. It is wise to set up a preventative maintenance schedule for these systems and adhere to it.

Regular cleaning of the filters, ioniser and collector cells is required to maintain the ESP Filter’s efficiency. We offer a service and maintenance programme including a filter cell laundry and swap out service, ensuring your system is always cleaned and sanitised.

  • The electrostatic precipitator cell maintenance service is a multi-stage process to ensure the cells are returned to site in a pristine condition.
  • Our process starts with your dirty cells being removed from site in a sealed box and returned to our cleaning facility where the cell is degreased, cleaned, rinsed, sanitised and dried prior to testing, ensuring the cell will operate properly when returned to site.
  • The box is also cleaned, sanitised, dried and the cell returned to the box and stored ready for transportation to site on our next visit.
  • An Electrostatic Filter utilises the principle of Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP).
  • Air is drawn through the ESP filter by the system fan through washable metal mesh pre filters which trap the largest dust particles.
  • The remaining particles, some as small as 0.01 microns, pass into a strong electrical field (ionizing section) where the particulate receives an electrical charge.
  • This may clog and reduce the effectiveness of the ESP. 
  • ESP Filter Efficiency
  • Routine servicing of key components in an extract system is essential to maintaining a high degree of efficiency.
  • Provided the ESP systems are correctly sized and maintained, system efficiencies of between 90-98% are achievable, with a low system pressure drop across the unit.
  • Regular cleaning with a maintenance contract ensures that your system is fully operational, cleaned, sanitised and efficient at all times.
  • With our service and maintenance programme, including a filter cell laundry and swap out service, the impact on the rest of the system is minimised and duct cleaning frequencies are kept to a minimum.

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