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With over three decades of experience

With over three decades of experience, we are proud to say we want to be your chosen duct cleaning specialist.  We understand that duct cleaning is a dirty job and a burden for our clients, but it is a necessity to meet compliance, strict health and safety standards and reduce the risk of fires.

To help your organisation meet these expectations you can count on our experienced, qualified team to get the job done during crazy hours to suit you and completed to the highest standards.

Protect your reputation. We become a virtual part of our customer’s business and work hard to identify individual problems and a solution for each. We never leave a customer unaware of the state and potential risk of the duct systems we clean. We are, and always have been, focused on delivering a seamless service to all our customers, taking ownership of their non-core but essential tasks.

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The professionals you can trust to clean your ducts. Friendly and approachable, our team take pride in their work and are committed to doing a darn good job for you.

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People are our business, but we recognise that without challenge, job satisfaction diminishes. We invest in both professional and personal competencies to develop high performers of today and leaders of tomorrow.

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