Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  1. Throughout these terms and conditions references to the first person shall be references to Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd (co no: 11351811) whose registered office is at 2 The Gattinetts, Hadleigh Road, East Bergholt, Colchester CO7 6QT. References in the second person or to “the client” are references to the relevant client to which these Terms and Conditions apply.

  2. We will never operate subject to any other terms of business unless they are expressly agreed in writing to be a variation of these Terms and Conditions. If your engagement letter or purchase order contains any terms of engagement, they will be subject to the terms herein regardless of whether they are introduced before or after the date of these Terms and Conditions.

    Acceptance of Works

  3. No works will be undertaken without prior confirmation having been received by us from you, the client. Upon scheduling the works, a formal ‘Click to Confirm’ email will be sent confirming the date and cost of the clean and containing a link to our ‘Click to Confirm’ web page. To secure the booking, the ‘Confirm’ button must be clicked.

  4. Any works, which are booked and confirmed, will be subject to a 75% cancellation fee if they are cancelled within 5 working days of the agreed start date. If the job is rebooked to start within a month of the original start date, the cost of the works plus the 75% cancellation fee will be charged. Any job, which is booked and confirmed and not rebooked for a date within a months’ time, will be subject to a 100% of the original, agreed fee. A ‘working day’ means any day apart from a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

  5. Our invoices must be paid in full immediately upon completion of the works to which they relate unless previously agreed otherwise in writing in the ‘Click to Confirm’ email. All invoices must be paid in full without any deduction or set off whatsoever.

  6. In the event that payment is not made in accordance with the settlement terms, interest will be payable at the rate of 8% per week or any part thereof. Additional admin fees and court costs may be applied where necessary.

  7. No BS9999 report or TR-19 Post Clean Report and Certificate or any other similar statutory or legal report will, where required, be issued by us until payment in full has been received by us in relation to the works.

  8. The time for starting and completing the works will be expressly set out on the Click to Confirm page and we will use all reasonable endeavours to meet such dates but they shall be estimates only and time shall not be of the essence for the performance of the works.

    Attendance on Site

  9. We reserve the right to make the decision on the correct number of staff required on-site to carry out the works. It will be an express obligation on the client to provide all assistance that our operatives may reasonably require for carrying out the works.

  10. All Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd operatives must receive a site induction upon arrival to site detailing all applicable site Health and Safety and Welfare arrangements. At least 24 hours prior to any initial site attendance, the client must advise of a site contact name and number and the estimated time the induction will take to complete.

  11. All pans, crockery, portable equipment, any extraneous equipment, and other personal effects must be removed from the kitchen and any other areas to be cleaned prior to our arrival.

  12. All fryers, if being cleaned, are required to be drained of oil prior to our arrival on site.

  13. Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd operatives must be allowed to switch off/shut down the extractor and all other related systems such as Fire Suppression and UV systems prior to any cleaning work being undertaken either centrally or local to the fan.

  14. Drainage and a ready supply of hot water will be required and must be freely available to our operatives on site. If there is no hot water available, we will liaise with the client to try to resolve the matter satisfactorily. If no resolution can be found, a charge of 75% of the contract price will be applied, and an alternative date sought to do the work at the full original price.

  15. An electricity supply and lighting are also essential requirements. If none is readily available and no resolution can be found, a charge of 75% of the contract price will be applied, and an alternative date sought to carry out the works at the full, original price.

  16. We will not be liable in any way for any delays or other loss suffered by any party as a result of weather conditions preventing safe access to any areas causing a Health and Safety risk. The client will remain liable for our charges at cost, to include labour, admin, and travel (excluding insurance and memberships) which will be invoiced and must be paid in full before we can return to site to complete the works.

  17. Should Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd operatives be required to carry out any additional tasks, other than that which has been agreed, all extra time incurred will be chargeable at our hourly rates. This will be in addition to any previously quoted price.

  18. We will do our best to work to any completion / out times requested by the client, but the client must allow full access for the number of hours required to complete the works on site on the day. If for any reason works cannot be completed in this period, the relevant certificate will only be issued for areas completed.

  19. If we are requested to leave site before completion of the agreed works, an additional charge based on our hourly rates will be charged if we are required to return to site to complete the works.

  20. Upon completion of any agreed works, we require a person, designated by the client, to inspect and sign off the work. This signature denotes the satisfactory completion of the work and the person signing will be regarded as having the client’s legal authority to accept the work. If no one is available to sign, then the job will be considered as accepted as satisfactory to the client.

  21. There will be a 100% fee incurred if we or any or our operatives attend site on the agreed date and we are unable to start the work as previously agreed for any reason beyond our control. Once the work is underway, the full price will be payable if the work is stopped for any reason.

  22. Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd will not be responsible for triggering any type of alarm or fire suppression systems. The client should give any special instructions for deactivation / activation of any alarm systems which may be affected.

  23. It is incumbent upon the Client to advise us of any known faulty or inoperative kitchen equipment. Our cleaning process is not considered to be sufficiently rigorous to cause any damage to equipment. We therefore will not be held responsible should equipment fail to work upon completion & sign off the works.

  24. Where faulty wiring or equipment is discovered during our work, we will advise the Client at the earliest opportunity. To ensure safety the safety of our operatives, these areas may not be cleaned and there will be no reduction in the contract price payable for the works which will remain payable in full.

  25. The Client shall advise Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd of any hazards that may be encountered by our operatives whilst working at the Client’s premises. In the event that we or our operatives in our reasonable opinion consider that the premises are unsafe for our operatives to work safely for whatever reason we will have the right to withdraw our operatives and not to complete the works. In that event, the Client will remain liable to pay the agreed contract price in full.

  26. If Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd is prevented or delayed in the performance of its obligations to the Client by matters beyond our reasonable control (including force majeure or severe weather conditions that would, in our reasonable opinion, prevent our safely carrying out the works) then we shall be excused the performance or punctual performance of its Services for so long as the cause, prevention or delay shall continue. Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd shall have no financial obligation in this event and the contract price will remain payable in full by the client.
    The Client shall not be entitled to make any claim against Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd unless the Client provides written notice of the event giving rise to such claim, containing sufficient written & photographic evidence for us to investigate fully. This must be provided within 48 hours of the date of the event.

  27. Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd accepts no liability for loss of profit, inclement weather, failure or shortage of power supplies, flood, drought, lightning, fire or third-party involvement. Pro Duct Clean UK Ltd also accepts no liability for any indirect or consequential loss.