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Air duct and vent cleaning is a service you need to be confident is completed diligently. Pro-Duct Clean Air Duct Cleaning offers a superior service that reaches your full system, including the difficult to reach locations, installing access panels where required and utilising cameras to inspect our work.

Our award-winning expert teams deliver fast, comprehensive solutions for property managers, across a wide range of public and commercial sectors, helping them to address, achieve and maintain ongoing safety and compliance. Duct cleaning is one of the main services we offer. Although an essential building service discipline, it can often be overlooked; but is vital to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of everyone who uses the building.

  • Extraction devices, air jets and brushes are used to clean your ducting and improve the indoor air quality circulating in your ventilation system.
  • There is a requirement to ensure that ductwork is regularly cleaned as appropriate and is subject to ‘a suitable’ system of maintenance.
  • Once your ventilation ductwork has been expertly cleaned in compliance with TR19®, we provide post-clean certification.
  • Non-compliance can have serious legal consequences if negligence can be proved, so this is invaluable documentation, as it helps to demonstrate your effort and intent towards compliance, should it be called into question. 
  • We can now provide post-clean certification as members of the Vent Hygiene Elite Scheme, which is overseen by BESCA, the certification arm of BESA.
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  • Under the Health & Safety at Work Act etc 1974 and the Occupiers Liability Act 1984, there is a legal duty for an employer to provide a safe and healthy environment, which includes a healthy indoor atmosphere.
  • There are also legal expectations in other settings, such as accommodation and public facilities such as hospitals.
  • The leading guidance document concerning the hygiene of ventilation systems is TR19®, which has now become the accepted standard for the internal cleanliness of ventilation systems and ductwork cleaning.
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  • Over time, ductwork will develop a build-up of dirt that can include dust, bacteria and indoor pollutants such as mould spores.
  • Older ductwork which has never been cleaned may also contain construction debris.
  • When this is left it can affect the efficiency of ventilation systems and have a negative impact on the air quality.
  • TR19®, issued by the Building Engineering Services Association (BESA), is now the standard to which ventilation ductwork should be tested, inspected and cleaned.
  • It includes a requirement for ductwork cleanliness quality to be classified according to its use as high, medium or low.
  • This will usually depend on the type of facility which it serves and the degree of air quality that is needed.
  • The cleanliness quality classification comes from BS EN 15780 (2011).

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