Tales From The Ducts – A Pigeon’s Final Roost

Anyone Order a Pigeon?

In the world of ductwork maintenance, surprises are not uncommon. During a routine cleaning of a kitchen’s grease extract ducts, we stumbled upon a rather unconventional resident – a lifeless pigeon.

Our customer had no idea what was lurking within the depths of their ducts. To their surprise, deceased pigeons were discovered, raising questions about the potential impact on kitchen hygiene and air quality. This incident serves as a reminder that kitchen extract ducts are particularly vulnerable to the accumulation of not only grease but also unexpected intruders.

Why Creatures are Found in Unmaintained Ducts

Kitchen extract systems provide an enticing environment for creatures seeking shelter and warmth. The combination of grease residue, food particles, and the constant flow of air makes these ducts an ideal nesting place.

Birds, insects, and rodents may enter through vents or openings, and over time, the accumulation of debris can lead to blockages – compromising both safety and functionality.

The Risks of Neglected Grease Extract Ducts

Beyond the unsavoury discovery of a deceased pigeon, neglected grease extract ducts pose serious risks to commercial kitchens. The build-up of grease can become a fire hazard, affecting both the safety of the establishment and the well-being of its occupants. Additionally, compromised air quality can impact the taste and freshness of food, ultimately affecting the reputation of the restaurant.

We understand the unique challenges posed by kitchen extract systems. Our specialised duct cleaning services go beyond the surface, tackling the layers of grease and potential intruders that may compromise your kitchen’s efficiency. Our experienced technicians employ cutting-edge equipment to ensure thorough cleaning to mitigate fire risks and preserve the overall hygiene of commercial kitchens.

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