Tales From the Ducts – Ignorance is Bliss?

Hvac Duct Cleaning Ventilation Pipes In Silver Insulation Material Hanging

We’re Here To Do The Dirty Work! We know ignorance can sometimes be bliss – but sufficient access to your kitchen extract system’s ductwork is crucial. Numerous building structures overlook the critical aspect of designing accessible cleaning solutions for extract systems, rendering them practically inaccessible for maintenance. We recently worked with a customer whose extract […]

Tales From The Ducts – A Pigeon’s Final Roost

Dead Pigeon in Ductwork

Anyone Order a Pigeon? In the world of ductwork maintenance, surprises are not uncommon. During a routine cleaning of a kitchen’s grease extract ducts, we stumbled upon a rather unconventional resident – a lifeless pigeon. Our customer had no idea what was lurking within the depths of their ducts. To their surprise, deceased pigeons were […]

Before & After… 5* Hotel in Park Lane, London

COMO The Halkin

A 5-star Clean for a 5-star Hotel ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ In a world where promises often fall short, our commitment to transparency and genuine care for our customers sets us apart. A previous company had claimed to have meticulously cleaned a site, certifying the entire kitchen extract system. However, the reality proved starkly […]

Man of the Month – February ’23

Matt Whiddington Man of the Month

We are pleased to announce that the winner of the February ’23 Man of the Month is…     Matthew (Matt) Whiddington!!  Despite being a relatively new addition to the PdC team, Matt has quickly taken to adopting our superior standards of customer service and reporting, and his colleagues have some fantastic things to say […]