Greasy in the City

In the bustling heart of the Royal Exchange, one of our beloved restaurants found itself in quite a pickle recently. Safe to say, their system had been bunged up beyond belief.

Let’s be honest, when we stumbled upon the state of affairs up there, our reaction was pretty much summed up in a succinct “What the…?” – you can fill in the blank.

In this case, we encountered a frozen-solid mass clinging stubbornly to the rooftop, resembling something straight out of a less-than-appetizing scenario. We’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say it was reminiscent of a particularly unfortunate bathroom encounter.

Indeed, the exit grill had been dripping away for some time, accumulating layer upon layer of grease until it bore an unfortunate resemblance to a certain unmentionable.

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work, chipping away at the unsightly mess, and tackling the root of the issue. Our team diligently cleaned the ductwork, ensuring that every nook and cranny was free from grease build-up to prevent future leakages.

We’ve now put in place a comprehensive cleaning schedule, ensuring that the ductwork receives attention every three months. This will help us nip any potential accidents in the bud, keeping our beloved restaurant and its surroundings pristine and turd-zilla free.

Severe grease build-up