Discovering the Secrets of Air Duct Cleaning

ducts of a commercial kitchen

Ductwork systems silently weave through the fabric of our buildings, ensuring the air we breathe remains fresh and clean. But behind the scenes, a build-up of dust, mould, and contaminants can lurk, affecting both air quality and system efficiency. It’s a vital process often overlooked, but one that demands attention to ensure the health and […]

Greasy in the City

Severe grease build-up

In the bustling heart of the Royal Exchange, one of our beloved restaurants found itself in quite a pickle recently. Safe to say, their system had been bunged up beyond belief. Let’s be honest, when we stumbled upon the state of affairs up there, our reaction was pretty much summed up in a succinct “What […]

Stewart’s Day on the Road

Pro Duct Sales team member wearing high vis and protective equipment

Stewart, a key pillar of our sales team, recently participated in extraction cleaning at a food production factory. Recognising the significance of firsthand knowledge regarding the daily tasks of our operatives, he rolled up his sleeves and joined them in their duties. In a humorous twist, some onlookers couldn’t help but mistake Stewart for a dinner […]

Ductwork ASMR

woman performing asmr on professional microphone

One of the may pleasures of the job, and one of the rare times it doesn’t take hours to chip away.   There are few things rival the satisfying sound of removing grease build-up from ductwork, particularly when it’s the stubborn, crusty variety.   While it might not tickle everyone’s fancy, it undeniably offers a […]