The Major takes the crown


This month’s shout out is for Tim Scott, who impressed colleagues with his consistent effort and conscientious professionalism. Service with it a smile and making a name for himself with the toolbox talks.

Steve Roger, Operations and Training Manager, Pro-Duct Clean says

My personal view is that Tim is a very conscientious hardworking and professional, with impressive technical skills. He has a great way of encouraging and supporting the team and people around him, and is always willing to go above and beyond. Always smiling and likes to have fun professionally, it is great having Tim on the team – one which he has a very secure future with. You have a lot of respect from the office and the management team.


What we know about Tim

Nicknamed ‘The Major’ outside of work you’ll most likely find him at a fishing lake with his son escaping world or taking a family walk with the dog. We didn’t discover any hidden talents, but we did find out Tim wouldn’t be without chicken to eat and his waterproof jacket in case it rains. He likes to be outdoors, keeps fit, and has taken part in numerous charity events raising money by walking, running and even boxing.

Tim enjoys watching the boxing too, and his favourite boxer of all time is Mike Tyson. So if someone could just rustle up a ringside seat to watch Mike Tyson box next month Tim would be one very happy man. In the meantime we hope the days of uninterrupted fishing will suffice. Congratulations Tim on your success this month. Let’s get a thumbs up for Tim 👍.

Here’s what the PdC team had to say:

“I nominate Tim as man of the month. His reports have been consistently good, easy to send out. Clear with any details and I have not had to chase anything from him.

I also find his attitude to his colleagues very kind and supportive.”

“My nomination is for Tim, I think he always strives to ensure there are no issues with jobs before he starts, is always polite and always happy to help.”

“I’d go with Tim, had a number of clients with good feedback from his jobs.”

“He is one of the best van leads we have, a great role model for the company. Always puts maximum effort in his work. One of best blokes I have come across”

“Tim has been progressing massively recently and built up a lot of confidence since being a van lead. One of the best we have on the team 👍😊”

“Mines for Tim, he is always polite, helpful he’s stepped up with the Toolbox Talks and generally I think he will be a great van lead moving forward.”

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