Duct rat legend smashes world record


Pro-Duct Clean bust the world record for the longest single length of duct cleaned and polished in the fastest time.

Back in the gloomy days of January, previous operative of the month winner Harry was selected to navigate the ducting at one of her majesty’s correctional facilities for their usual clean and certification.

It was an old building, constructed by the Georgians, who were known in architecture for their proportion and balance; simple mathematical ratios and creating cubes – so this was a doddle for them.

However back then ducting was not high on the agenda, so this was added at a later date. This means the duct network is fully visible, and reachable by any innovative crook as a means of escape. It is one of the securest duct networks in the UK, and the smallest in diameter.

Because of the security, the duct network has none of the usual access panels due to the escape risk, which means there are many interconnected small channels of secure ducting snaking around the building – hence Harry bagging the job due to his pint-sized stature.

There are 6.9 miles of ducting in the building, and this makes it the perfect setting to have a crack at smashing this unbeaten record, for the longest single length of duct cleaned and polished in the fastest time.

Harry clocked on at 0800 and went into the duct with his tools, equipment and a packed lunch – he was going to be in there for some time. His co-workers Lee and Tim were able to support him at points during the clean, by shouting words of encouragement, and helped to work the pulley system they had set up to remove the spent j-cloths, a little like the tunnel in the film The Great Escape.

On breaking the record Harry said

it was just another day at work for me, but it’s amazing that we smashed this long-standing record for the longest single length of duct cleaned in the fast time. As I sped through the pipes, I had a chat with some of the prisoners on my way when I crossed their cells, they could see me through the grate. I stopped for my sandwiches with one group and had a real chance to get to know some of the inmates. They were very encouraging, and said they look forward getting my autograph when they were released.


The record attempt was made in 4 hours and 55minutes, and this included the 30-minute break for lunch. The record was verified by Alan Biggernose from the Guinness Book of World Records, and he was waiting for Harry at the end of the duct with the great news.


Nigel, MD at Pro-Duct Clean says

“I am immensely proud of my team, I am on a daily basis, but this moment is one I shall cherish for a long time. It just goes to show that duct cleaning can be exciting. There are records to set, and records to be broken. We are looking forward to smashing our next one.”

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