5* Hotels to 5* Hospitals Fit for a Prince


5* hotels to 5* hospitals fit for a prince, this month we have been cleaned our way around some of London’s top establishments. As we move into spring and the exciting prospect of being released from lockdown, our country pubs and leisure sites have been busy preparing to welcome back their clients – along with the yacht clubs whose season kicks off in April.

We’ve been to all corners of the South East to survey systems, clean air ducts and kitchen extracts – and install and maintain fire-dampers. The team here have done a sterling job, and all-in-all, there is plenty of optimism around. It’s rumoured that even the weather is going to come up trumps for the Easter bank holiday, if it does we are onto a winner.

Nigel, MD at Pro-Duct Clean says

“After a year of stop, start and pain in the Hospitality Sector there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.  As a business we have, like many, adapted how we service our clients. We have flexed to match their needs and help them keep on-side with their insurance and certification.

Right from the start we have lived the ‘stronger together’ attitude and bar a very few notable exceptions so have all our customers. I think that has got us through the last year, and we are very much looking forward now to coming back to a normal cycle in our businesses. 

This time last year we had grown by over 25% on the previous year, so we are now looking to apply some of the lessons we have had time to learn to get a sustainable growth, whilst making sure that customer service still comes first. We are currently on a recruitment drive for positions across the company in operations, sales and customer service.”



“After a year of stop, start and pain in the Hospitality Sector there finally seems to be light at the end of the tunnel.  As a business we have, like many, adapted how we service our clients. We have flexed to match their needs and help them keep on-side with their insurance and certification.”

Our month in numbers

This time of year, the preferred office snack is a creme egg. In our devotion to the seasonal treat, this month’s numbers will be represented by this innocent sugar loaded snack. (we do have healthy choices available – honest gov!)

“1750 creme eggs weigh in at 70kg – the weight of sludge, carbon and grease we have removed this month”

“152 is the number of clients visited this month around Essex, London and the South East.”

“215 creme eggs will net you 38,000 calories, and that figure represents the 38,000 miles driven going to and from jobs.  Looks like carrots for the rest of the year team!”

“144,000 creme eggs stacked head to tail is the equivalent length of ducting we have cleaned and polished so very shiny, just like the inside of the foil wrapper.”

When Harry met May

When Harry met May

Earlier this month we revealed operative of the month was our pint-sized Harry Barham. Known for his mass of hair and excellent knowledge and skill sharing amongst the team, he has been revelling in his status as one should. So much so, he was even congratulated by the television presenter James May while on a job in London’s swanky Notting Hill. If his crown is relinquished, he is going out in style for sure.

Read  Harry’s story here.

We say goodbye Ellie

We say goodbye Ellie

In April, Ellie is leaving us for pastures new. She has been a key member of the team for the last 2 years and 2 months. We have loved having Ellie as part of our team and we will miss the noise and banter that she brings. We wanted to get some parting thoughts from our youngest team member before she left.


What attracted you to working at PdC?


“There were multiple things that attracted me to PdC, but the most appealing I would say is working in a company that totally focussed on the customer with a family atmosphere.”


What have you learnt during your tenure that you didn’t know before?


I would say probably just how important duct cleaning is, and how capable I am. I have always been very doubtful of myself and I have touched on so many different areas of the business, sales, admin, invoicing. My skillset has been nurtured, and my self-confidence has improved massively.”


What is your best ducting related fact that you have picked up on the job?


 “By removing Flow Dampers it can upset the balance/air flow of the system! – Taught by Tom Barnett”


It’s a dirty job cleaning ducts, have you ever encountered a bucket of duct sludge?


I haven’t, I had the job of seeing the boys coming back from a greasy job and smelling them from a distance! 🤮 Part of the induction at PdC is that we attend sites with the teams to see how things are done.”


 Who is your office ally and why?


Wow, what a tough question! I really couldn’t name just one – the ladies of the office have been like Mums to me and have supported me so much, Maria, Sharon, Sammie and Sam. I really have made friends for life.

However I have to say Sammie and Sam have been incredible this past year. The inappropriate jokes and the belly laughs, I will miss those the most. The whole team is a joy to work with and I will miss them all so much, especially the endless supply of biscuits and Sammie-Jo’s cuppa’s! I also Love Flash and Scooby.”


 Funniest moment?


“There have been so many times where I have crippled over in tears and belly laughs! One Friday afternoon we had an early finish to the pub, where we sat in the garden and helped each other think of ways to describe ourselves for our website bios. Let’s say that our partners were very complimentary… but possibly not publishable! I cannot share any more, just that it was absolutely hilarious!”


If you were to recommend your role to someone at PdC, what advice would you give?


“Give it your all. It’s a tough job to do, but it’s very rewarding, and an opportunity to learn too. The team are great, and you really do get out what you put in 😊”


That’s a wrap

we’ve got some really exciting news in the pipeline for next month, and can’t wait to share that. Until then, enjoy the spring sunshine and being able to meet your friends and relatives outdoors, don’t forget to head on down to your local independent shops, pub, cafes and restaurants that open in the coming weeks. They need you and your support.

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