Spotlight shines on Harry Barham PdC – Operative of the Month


Known to most as the small man with the big hair he is perfect in every way for Pro-Duct Clean. Charismatic and determined he is vastly knowledgeable in the world of duct cleaning and duct maintenance, and no stranger to the hall of fame either, Harry has previously held a spot on the wall for 11 months!

So what do we know about Harry? Well he has real flair for looking after our customers and his peers alike, nothing is ever too much trouble, even when he consistently gets the less desirable jobs, he just suits up, and gets on with it.

Harry has experience and skills in abundance, and willingly shares training and support with this peers day-to-day. He is a true PdC ambassador and has earned great respect amongst the team.

Outside of Pro-Duct Clean, pint sized Harry is a family man and loves spending time with his son. An entrepreneur at heart, he has his fingers in a few pies, from his own garage to a children’s play centre. Harry is not one to let time pass him by – ambition drives him.

Here’s what the PdC team had to say:


“This months worthy winner is loyal reliable and extremely hard working, he is great at coaching others and always puts others before himself. He is well respected amongst the teams and will help anyone. He has a big heart and even bigger hair. Well done Harry Barham a real brand ambassador.” –  Steve Roger, Operations and Training Manager, Pro-Duct Clean

“I nominate Harry this Is due to skill and knowledge he has built up over the years and he’s always determined to get the job done. If its a 4h day or a 14 h day, he will crack on with it without moaning. I would also say he has done a great job training the team around him giving them tips and trick to make them quicker and improve on their quality of work 👍”

“Harry has been brilliant every time, no problem is too big or small for Harry 👍”

“My vote is for Harry, I feel that he has upped his game lately-staying late and working solo to get finished and to keep clients on track and happy..”

“Harry has great knowledge, always wanting to help, give advice and support”,/em>

Harry says

“Thank you means a lot, I’m hoping to beat my 11 month record from my last time on the wall :)”

We look forward to seeing how the rest of the month pans out and whether Harry can retain his position at the top of the pile.

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