Pied a Terre does a pop up! Pied Nus


In ten years of working in PdC, today was the first time I have visited customers and had a glass of bubbly.

David Moore, – with whom we have worked for many years – the man behind Pied a Terre and L’Autre Pied opened the Pied Nus pop-up restaurant  at 19 Blandford Street W1 last night. This is on the site that was formerly home to Simon Rogan’s acclaimed pop-up Roganic (and just a few doors down from L’Autre Pied).

Today I combined work with pleasure and surveyed the kitchen extract system to ensure they comply and then ate lunch with my father. What joy!

Pieds Nus is only here for six months. The food is exquisite. The service is perfect but the beauty is that despite five intense weeks of twenty hour days leading up to the opening, you do not feel like you are in a stuffy, self-reverential multi-starred affair. Nor do you pay that kind of money.

Trust me. I am a middle aged cynic that takes an awful lot to impress, but both this restaurant and David really impress in such a comfortable understated way that I am a little lost for words.

Get there if you can.

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